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Join Epicurious on a delectable journey across the globe as we seek out culinary experts who are shaping the artisanal food and beverage scene. From pies to oysters, coffee to ice cream, these craftsmen and women reveal the stories behind some of the finest food on the planet.

Season 1

Chefs Series Trailer Join Epicurious on a delectable journey across the globe as we seek out culinary experts who are shaping the artisanal food and beverage scene. From pies to oysters, coffee to ice cream, these craftsmen and women reveal the stories behind some of the finest food on the planet.
Chefs Big Gay Ice Cream: Rethinking Soft Serve Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff opened their first ice cream truck on a lark one summer, and decided to shake up the traditional soft-serve scene by offering gourmet toppings combined in creative ways. The result was Big Gay Ice Cream, which now serves “Salty Pimps” and “Bea Arthur” cones from two NYC storefronts and counting.
Chefs Gevalia: Coffee-Making with 150 Years of Swedish Expertise When Victor Engwall founded his coffee company in 1853, he began a tradition of Swedish coffee-making that prides itself on upholding the highest quality from beans to brew. Today, Gevalia Kaffe continues what Engwall started with expert coffee-makers around the globe who focus on producing a consistent coffee experience that’s always rich, never bitter.
Chefs Gevalia: The Origins of Engwall Swedish Coffee-Making Join Epicurious on a trip to Gävle, Sweden, where Victor Theodore Engwall started his company in 1853. Discover the people, places, and processes that are at the core of Gevalia’s long heritage as one of the finest coffee-makers in the world.
Chefs Four & Twenty Blackbirds: Family Pie-Making Tradition For Emily and Melissa Elsen, old-fashioned, homespun pies are a family tradition. Inspired by their grandmother Liz, the sisters opened Four & Twenty Blackbirds, in Gowanus, Brooklyn to serve their community with seasonal pies by-the-slice in a comfortable atmosphere. See what goes into their inventive sweet and savory creations.
Chefs Tomales Bay Oyster Company: Farm-to-Table Freshness For a true farm-to-table oyster experience, pay a visit to Tomales Bay Oyster Company in Marshall, California. Visitors travel from around the world to picnic on the shore and taste the company’s “Golden Nugget” oyster, a tumbled oyster with delectably plump meat. See what makes this shellfish farm one-of-a-kind.
Chefs Jack From Brooklyn: Sorel Caribbean Liqueur Jackie Summers’ Sorel liqueur has a history as rich and complex as the flavors that makeup this traditional Caribbean liqueur. Inspired by the spiced hibiscus and rum drink that his Barbadian grandparents used to make, Summers decided to market the drink commercially in 2012, after surviving a cancer scare. From hibiscus to cloves, to nutmeg and cinnamon, discover the procession of flavor that makeup Jack From Brooklyn’s Sorel.
Chefs Cowgirl Creamery: Hand-Crafted San Francisco Cheese After decades in the restaurant business, friends Peggy Smith and Sue Conley started Cowgirl Creamery north of San Francisco in Point Reyes Station with the intention of using the wholesome dairy from the region to make high-quality, artisanal cheese. As luck would have it, their most award-winning cheese, Red Hawk, was created by accident. See what other rich stories are behind their hand-crafted cheeses.
Cuisines Gevalia: Selecting the Finest Coffee Beans Getting a consistently smooth, never bitter coffee taste starts with the beans. Selecting coffee beans for Gevalia coffee begins with a process called cupping, where a master taster evaluates the aroma, taste, and body of beans from a variety of regions around the world. From there, a flavor profile is created and the process of creating the perfect flavor combination for Gevalia Kaffe begins.
Chefs El Huarache Loco: Traditional Mexican Cuisine For a New Generation For chef Veronica Salazar, preparing homemade Mexican cuisine to serve at her restaurant El Huarache Loco is not only a lifelong dream realized, it represents the continuation of a decades-long family tradition. Chef Salazar grew up in the kitchen with her parents and grandparents learning how to prepare Mexican cuisine like mole, fajitas and her restaurant’s specialty, huarache. See how she brings inspired flavors to the dishes she serves her new and loyal customers in Marin County.
Cuisines How to Make the Perfect Pie Crust From Four & Twenty Blackbirds Bakers Melissa and Emily Elsen, the owners of Four & Twenty Blackbirds pie shop in Brooklyn, share the secret to making a perfectly flaky pie crust.
How-To How to Make a Sorel “Last Call” Cocktail Jackie Summers and his friend Allison Patel of Brenne Whisky demonstrate how to make a “Last Call” cocktail with Sorel liqueur and Brenne Whisky.
Cuisines Gevalia: Roasting Coffee Beans to Perfect a Smooth Finish Roasting the beans is one of the most important elements in creating rich, smooth coffee. At Gevalia, this process has been refined and perfected over decades to ensure that every taste of Gevalia coffee has a depth and aroma that is unique and full of flavor.
How-To How to Make the Perfect Grilled Cheese Cowgirl Creamery’s head cheesemaker Maureen Cunnie demonstrates how to make the perfect grilled cheese. Emphasizing the importance of high quality ingredients, she uses Acme sourdough bread and a blend of cheeses that includes “Barely Buzzed” cheddar rubbed with espresso and lavender.
How-To How to Make Huaraches When it comes to making high-quality, authentic Mexican food, chef Veronica Salazar has the secret to making the cuisine sizzle. Watch as she shows you how to make the perfect huarache, as at her San Francisco restaurant, El Huarache Loco.
Cuisines Gevalia: Sealing Premium Flavor and Aroma into Every Bag To ensure the fresh flavor and aroma of Gevalia coffee is sealed in every bag, a team of trained professionals works together to ensure only the highest quality coffee makes it to your home. Watch Epicuriousity and see what else goes into making the taste of Gevalia coffee one-of-a-kind.