Epicurious Essentials: Cooking How-Tos

15 seasons, 91 episodes

Master essential kitchen techniques without spending a day in culinary school: Our cooking how-to videos show you how to crack a lobster, make a perfect hollandaise, bake homemade bread, caramelize sugar, and much more.

Vegetables and Fruits Hosted by Kelly Senyei

Vegetables and Fruits

How-To How to Trim an Artichoke Learn how to easily trim and prep an artichoke with guidance from chef Kelly Senyei.
How-To How to Pit and Cut an Avocado Learn not just one but two classic cooking-school techniques for cutting and pitting an avocado.
How-To How to Zest Citrus Spice up your sweet and savory dishes by learning to zest citrus using a microplane--plus, the one step you should definitely take before zesting.
How-To How to Peel Ginger Fresh ginger can be difficult to peel due its irregular shape. Find out which kitchen tool is best for removing the skin and preserving the most ginger.