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Meet some of the food world's greatest legends--from Thomas Keller to Charlie Trotter-- in these exclusive interviews, and learn how to make some of their most famous dishes

Thomas Keller

Chefs Thomas Keller of Per Se, French Laundry, & Bouchon Thomas Keller, the chef behind Per Se, French Laundry, and Bouchon talks about the joy of cooking, the sounds and smells of a kitchen, making good food, and the eternal trend of quality cooking.
Chefs Thomas Keller Cooks Gnocchi with Mushrooms, Squash, & Sauce Thomas Keller, chef and creator of Bouchon, Per Se, and French Laundry, demonstrates how to sauté herb gnocchi with mushrooms and butternut squash for a delicious Italian recipe.
Chefs Thomas Keller of Bouchon Makes Herb Gnocchi Chef Thomas Keller of Bouchon, French Laundry, and Per Se demonstrates how to make delicious Herb Gnocchi with fresh herbs and Dijon mustard that can be cooked and frozen for later use.
Chefs Thomas Keller Gives a Tour of Per Se's Kitchen Thomas Keller, America's most celebrated chef and creator of the French Laundry and Bouchon, invites us into the kitchen of his four-star New York City restaurant, Per Se.