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Restaurants & Travel Seamus Mullen and Canada Keep Exploring teamed up to explore Ottawa’s culinary scene with those who know it best: its chefs. Follow along with this NYC chef as he tours the city’s famed cycling paths on a journey full of dining and discovery. From a chat with Kevin Mathieson of the edgy Art-Is-In Bakery, to a sit-down with Chef Jordan Holley and Master Bartender Stephen Flood of Riviera, Mullen uncovers the city’s dynamic food culture.
How-To We show you how to make the cookie version of Martha Stewart.
Restaurants & Travel Andrew Knowlton pays a visit to chefs Cristina Martinez and Ben Miller in their South Philadelphia restaurant, El Compadre. They serve authentic Mexican food and are famous for their barbacoa and pork tacos. They're also known for speaking out on behalf of undocumented immigrants, many who live and work near their 9th Street Italian Market business. Martinez and Knowlton team up to cook delicious stewed pork in salsa verde with purslane and hand-pressed tortillas.
Food Learn how to upgrade your holiday cocktail game when hosting a big crowd.
Entertainment Chef Sam Mason and Bartender Brenda Terry throw the perfect holiday dinner party. Produced for GQ with Bombay Sapphire.
How-To We show you how to make the ultimate pesto pasta dish.
How-To We show you how to use nail art to make better sushi.
How-To We show you how to make a stunning, weeknight-friendly chicken pot pie.